External Works

External services are another major focus and strength of Simplex. We streamlined every process, from design to finish, in one place to avoid potential errors and delays.

We have our in-house engineering team to provide full shop drawings with all kind of details tailored for different projects and do necessary calculations based on project needs. We also have our fabrication machine at our warehouse that could handle different types of aluminum, fibre cement, timer, etc.

  • Provide Façade Design solution for various cladding systems
  • Multiple types of Fiber Cement cladding systems – Equitone, Vitrapanel, CSR Express Wall
  • Varies Solid aluminum cladding systems
  • Perform façade works by using abseilers
  • Cladding remedial – Reclad non-compliance buildings façade
  • Multiple types of Timber/ Terracotta/ Metal cladding systems

Recent Projects

  • 78WaterlooRd

78 Waterloo ACP replacement

78 Waterloo ACP Replacement Replace and upgrade the existing non-compliant cladding system with new compliant cladding system. [...]